2 Easy Steps to Get More Joy Out of Life

Have you lost your mojo, the spring in your step? Do you miss waking up every morning at 5 am with a happiness, a zest for life? Well, it’s probably because your life is lacking meaning.

What is “meaning?” Meaning is making something important. If I’m praying, without meaning, I’m just reciting “hail mary, mother of God… “ With meaning, I’m asking God to change my life. If I’m raising my kids, without meaning, I’m just babysitting. With meaning, I’m teaching them to contribute to the world. So the first thing you need to do to GET JOY in the little tasks and daily activities that you do— is add some meaning.

Step 1: List your daily tasks:

  • drink coffee
  • go to work
  • go to gym

Step 2: Say, “YES AND…”

  • Drinking coffee? Yes, and powering up for the best day in my career.
  • Going to work? Yes, and stepping into my abundance.
  • Going to the gym? Yes, and transforming into a goddess.

The second thing you need to do to BECOME JOYFUL is to add spirituality. Spirituality is your higher purpose. 

Step 1: List the areas of your life lacking joy:

  • making money
  • marriage
  • sex

Step 2: Say, “Joyful when”

  • Making money is joyful when I’m co-creating a powerful and loving community.
  • Marriage is joyful when we both share the same vision.
  • Sex is joyful when there is love and intimacy.

When you do not stray from your higher purpose, your life is joyful! 



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