Success Groups

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What if… you started this year, 2013, with a master game plan that showed you YOUR secret to how you will succeed? And…. you were in a support group of masterful co-creators like yourself? Would 2014 be more meaningful, happy and successful?



Others who have joined a Success Group got these results:

  • $8,000 incremental monthly income (political consultant, Costa Mesa)
  • $2,000 incremental monthly income (career counselor, Newport Beach)
  • Job promotion, pay raise and bonus (account manager, Yorba Linda)
  • $4,000 cash gift (business developer, Los Angeles)
  • Diamond engagement rings and marriage proposals (4 women, Orange County)
  • $25 million/ month guaranteed pipeline in loans (lender, Laguna Niguel)
  • 90K sale (sales rep, Irvine)

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What is a Success Group?

Success Groups are small and intimate (4-5 people), providing personal breakthroughs for each participant. Over the dozens of courses I’ve taught, the Universe has never failed to bring together a synergistic group of people attending the same Success Group who mirror each another’s “aha” moments. The result is a bonding and growing experience in a custom-tailored and protected environment.

  • Great Value – (40% savings from one-on-one coaching)
  • Create your unique series of vision maps
  • Sessions are highly tailored to your specific issues and provide you with customized next steps
  • Unconventional methods, yet extremely effective results

How do you participate?

  • From the comfort of your own home or office!
  • Log in, online.
  • See everyone’s faces, including mine.
  • Each session is recorded (without your faces) for you to watch, anytime.
  • All you need is a computer with a webcam, built-in microphone and internet access.

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