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A one-hour coaching session can change your life forever or have enough impact to switch a stuck pattern of behavior that you’ve been holding onto for years.


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Your 60 Minute “Aha” Moment Coaching Session

Have you been stuck for years? Are you in the middle of a divorce, relationship drama, law suit or problem that no matter how you wrap your brain around it—- you can’t seem to solve? This is your answer! Get unstuck with eye-opening clarity in 60 minutes.

Sometimes, all you need is just an “aha” moment to get you to see the bigger picture or the deeper meaning behind all of it. That’s basically what I do. I help you identify the most important factors that are going to change your luck, situation, relationship or outcome.

What happens in 60 minutes?

  • Tell me your problem, situation or what’s going on (5-10 minutes)
  • I put it in a nutshell (10 seconds)
  • You have an “aha” moment (3 seconds)
  • We strip away all irrelevant information (3-5 minutes)
  • We get to the true heart of your issue or problem (1-15 minutes)
  • We draw your vision map (5 minutes)
  • We unlock what’s keeping you stuck (3 minutes)
  • An elegant solution naturally arises (5-10 minutes)

Special Offer! Book a 1 hour coaching session with me and get a FREE book mailed to you with FREE shipping.

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3 reviews for Free Book with 1 Hour Session

  1. (verified owner):

    My niece, Jenny’s— her fiancée Bret died at the age of thirty-four of liver cancer. Jenny was devastated and in shock. Olivia spoke to her over the phone, saying that Bret’s soul wanted to hand her a pink heart that said, “I love you.” This was odd, as Bret was not that kind of person. About three days later, around eleven o’clock at night, Jenny was sitting on her swing in front of her house thinking about Bret. As she gazed up at the bright stars a white balloon came over the house and landed in front on the grass. As Jenny bent over to pick it up she could see a big pink heart on it. Written inside the heart was, “I love you.”

  2. (verified owner):

    A Hello From Heaven

    I had been depressed for 8 years over the death of my brother. I had a 1 hour intuitive reading with Vicky where I asked for a sign from my brother and specifically requested red balloons, knowing that it would be his way of letting me know that he was with me in spirit.

    The first Christmas after I met with Vicky, I was at a county fair, looked up and saw hundreds of red balloons. I was frantically telling my husband the story, who kept doubting me, “Oh, come on!”—- when a huge mack truck pulled up beside them, screeched to a loud halt and emblazoned across it was a billboard for red party balloons.

    The following Christmas, I was at her real estate office when a 3 year old boy ran through the door from the street, right up to my cubicle and started singing my dead brother’s favorite song. Suddenly he asked me, “Guess my birthday!” I fired off, “October 29!” The boy was ecstatic, “How did you know?!” Well, that was my brother’s birthday. It was a random guess.

    The boy’s mom— with a stroller and infant in tow, then walked through the door. “That’s my baby brother!” the boy exclaimed. “Guess his birthday!” I blurted out a date that popped into my head, “January 27.” The boy jumped up and down, “HOW DID YOU KNOW??” That was the date of my brother’s death.

    What are the odds? My brother had waited for the very next Christmas, on exactly December 26, the same day he came to me the previous year—- to find 2 little boys who were each born on his birth date and his death date. Then, inspired them to run into my office from the street. It was an unmistakable “hello” from Heaven.

  3. (verified owner):

    My wife Carrie and I went to Vicky when we were 10 and a half months pregnant. My wife had type 1 Diabetes. The doctor was threatening to induce her in 2 days. She desperately wanted to have her baby, naturally. Nothing she was doing was helping. After an hour getting in touch with her inner goddess, she started having contractions on my couch. When she went home that night, she went into labor. At the crack of dawn the next morning, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

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