Gained great insight during cancer treatment

During this physically and emotionally devastating time of my life, I gained great personal and spiritual insight in terms of how my health and body can best rejuvenate. —Indhushree Rajan,PhD, Creator/Director, Project Satori, clinical psychologist

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Resolved what I was trying to figure out for 10 years…

“You have a way of touching me right where I needed to be touched… to understand myself. I wanted to trivialize the overseas boat trip I took when I was a child. After all, every immigrant from Vietnam went through this… You just said in 1 paragraph what I’ve been trying to figure out for […]

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Better than my expensive therapist

“It took Vicky 30 minutes to say what our expensive therapist took 3 years to tell my husband and me. Plus, Vicky said it more eloquently and with action steps we could use.” —Educator, Orange County School District

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