Change Your Life

“An hour conversation with Vicky can change your life, forever.” —Ben Latuperissa, former Vice President of Operations at Boeing

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Searching My Whole Life

“I have been working on this same wound of missing being in the presence of God for over 20 years. You just gave me the answer I have searching for my whole life, Vicky.” —Fatima Arceo, metaphysical practitioner

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Very Talented

“I think you are very talented in the way you work. I said to my friend that it is not a method that can be copied because your own personality, humor and attitude is a cornerstone to the way you work.” —-Robyne Chamberlain, self-help teacher, Sydney, Australia

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Wonderful Class

  “I tell you, I’m 68 years old and I never expected to have so much enthusiasm during a workshop. I really feel like you’ve cracked the code with me. I had a wonderful time.” —Eli Robertson, Learning Light Foundation

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