How I Work

How can you benefit from 15 minutes?

People are usually surprised at the clarity they get in a FREE 15 minute Success Strategy Session with me. They take the homework I give to them and begin changing their lives, immediately. It all starts with a casual chat. Take a look!

1. Tell me what’s going on.

Let’s say you want to be a filmmaker. Immediately, I sense what’s blocking you from success. You can’t see the end goal.

2. We get to the root of your problem.

Instead of aiming to be a filmmaker, you aim for being a film student. Or you aim for being a film buff. Or you aim for being an extra on a film set. You aim for small things, because it’s easier.

3. The quick and easy trick for you to get unstuck now!

Use what’s blocking you to grease your wheels. You have a gift for being fascinated by things! Instead of being fascinated by the small things, be fascinated by the bigger better things!

page-1-15 minutes1. Tell me what’s going on.

Let’s say you want to get skinnier and make more money.

2. We identify what’s blocking you.

You get to a certain point, then stop making progress. In your mind, you associate results with hard work.

3. We unblock you.

Think of all work and all results as currents of positive energy flowing through your life. No matter how big or small— you feel energized!

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