Sprained Ankle Zen Sitting Practice

  Two days ago in crossfit, we were playing a game with a volleyball. Five of us circled around the floor and started to kick and throw the ball using various acrobatic maneuverers. The only rule? You can’t throw or catch the ball the same way, twice. You use your head, your chest, your knee, […]

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God is my “Plus-One”

It rained this morning, which confused me. I sat in my room listening to it outside my window and could not figure out how to get to the gym on my bicycle in the rain. For ninety minutes, I did nothing. Having missed the W.O.D. (workout of the day) scheduled for 7:30 am, I created […]

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My best day 4

Harvard’s Memorial Church: My Best Day Ever

Today was my best day ever at Harvard. I have been here three weeks and set my first milestone. There is a professor whom I and many others consider the poster child of everything that Harvard and its Divinity School represent in terms of embodying holier-than-thou standards of intellect, ethics and eloquence. Last week, I […]

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