Are You a Money and Success Addict?

Were you once a hot-shot CEO or a rock star sales rep? Are you trying to get back to the top of your game? Watch this video which explains how you’re going to make a come-back. Success and money are like a drug for the ego. The ego gets addicted to it. So when you […]

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tatoo pic

The meaning behind piercings, tattoos, hair styles

Tattoos and piercings = Slavery Tattoos mean jealousy. Property of or to denote territory or property like branding a horse or marking Jews during Nazi era. Piercings mean domination, control, ownership. Chaining a slave. Hair means power: Hair bangs mean you are covering your third eye and that means that you are gullible. Strippers. Hair […]

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Is your body out of balance?

Is your body is out of balance. potassium, hormones, etc.? Do you feel like crap? So did my client. So I said to her, okay, “Well, when my career is crappy, I over-eat. Because if I can’t grow my success, I grow my body.” I know another client who goes shopping every time her career is […]

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How to cure emotional over-eating and food addictions

Do you have deep uncontrollable food cravings? Can you NOT stop eating? Are you an emotional eater? When you try to diet, do you feel HUNGRY all the time? In this video, I’m going to show you how to transform your emotional eating habit into an empowering spiritual guide. Step 1: Get hungry. You can […]

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How to fast: it’s like dying

Fasting is not the absence of eating. It is the intention of starvation. It is not accidentally not eating because you forgot, you don’t feel like eating because you’re stressed out or you can’t eat because you’re sick and throw up. Fasting is the intention to stop eating when you’re perfectly capable of eating. The […]

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#1 Rule to Win

Happy New Year 2018! Do you want to win this year? Make it a winning year? Watch this video to learn how to make your 2018 New Year’s Resolution. I’ve coached world champion athletes. One guy was drinking a beer the night before the competition. Another one was injured and still competed. I’ve heard this […]

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