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$77,000 in Monthly Sales

“I attended Vicky’s money class and and had a personal coaching session with her. One of my goals was to generate $100,000 in volume sales every month at my job. Last month February, I generated $25,000 volume sales. Today, I closed a $67,000 transaction bring my March volume to $77,000 volume sales.” — Dora Mendoza, […]

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Tiger in the Boardroom

“A tiger in the boardroom. She knows how to go after the jugular when comes to pin-pointing the true solution of a problem. People take one look at her examining their situation, then hear her words and bam! There’s no fooling that x-ray vision of hers. She can see through any tangle and foibles of […]

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I highly recommend and trust her

“Her intuitive skills bring with it tangible methods which helped me move the emotional blocks around my writing, as well as my personal growth regarding my marriage. I highly recommend and trust her spiritual clarity regarding each interval of my life and possible future prospects, which gives her an edge over a life coach.” —-Samantha […]

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