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Your body is the most honest expression of yourself. Your body never lies. Your body always tells you the truth. Your body is your best friend! Who else knows you better than your own body who has experienced everything in life that you have? Your body knows HOW and WHY, you: lose and gain weight, […]

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Emotional Eating

If you eat a hamburger when you are angry, you are not eating hamburger calories. You are eating anger calories. No amount of diet or exercise is going to burn those calories off. Because the food didn’t put the fat there. The emotions did! Learn how to build your own personalized emotional calorie chart, complete […]

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Body Chart

Each of us designed and built our bodies for a specific purpose. Some of us are Ferarri’s— expensive, look great, but lonely because it only seats two. Some of us are Honda Civic’s— low maintenance, economical, but no thrill. What was the higher reasoning behind the way we chose to shape and mold our figures? […]

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