Are You a Money and Success Addict?

Were you once a hot-shot CEO or a rock star sales rep? Are you trying to get back to the top of your game? Watch this video which explains how you’re going to make a come-back.

Success and money are like a drug for the ego. The ego gets addicted to it. So when you don’t have success or money anymore, you go through a panic (withdrawal) period— of needing or wanting more.

I’ve known quite a few CEO’s who have a history of dramatic successes and failures. Success is like that. It’s not an achievement, a pinnacle, nor a peak. It’s hills and valleys. It alternates between glory and humility. It’s coupled with failures. Every win is married to a loss.

The reason why some executives have this knack of bouncing back after a loss— is because that panic puts them back in the game, right away. The game is survival. Those who run on adrenaline and fear are excellent survivors.

What happens is when you are in survival mode, you are actually in panic mode. So after you quit Wall Street or your corporate job, your soul has PTSD and sometimes, it takes years for you to decompress or “come down” from the high of success.

Now when you’re “high” from success, your body is actually in a state of suspended stress. And all you’re doing now is feeling the after-effects of taking that drug. You’re tweaking…. and lot of executives want to get this drug back. They want success, they want money and they obsess over attaining this drug that once kept them beautiful, young, adored, “at the top of their game.” But it was an illusion. Success and money did not keep you at the top of your game. It was a drug fueling your ego marathon that ran its course and had its day.

I hear you litigating your case, “No! I want more. Please. Pray for me, Vicky Lee. Give me more of this drug. Beg God to give me back my success.”

You think that because I have a special relationship with God, I can somehow pulls strings and get God to give you what you want. A lot of people want to use me as a middle man to strong-arm God.

Do you think God is that naive that just because it comes out of my mouth instead of yours— He’s going to fall for this ploy? I’m pretty sure He knows what’s going on here, that you’re addicted to success and money like you are addicted to a drug.

I am not your drug dealer. I will not go run an errand and deliver to you success and money as your drug of choice.

My job is to help you get on your life path, so that success and money happen naturally. You have to aim for being on your life path and then success and money happen as an automatic side-effect.

You don’t aim for the side because your life path outranks and outweighs…. what’s on the side. So without an anchor— all this is going to float away. You need to anchor your success and money with a life path. Success and money are the natural outpourings of a life on track.

Are you in rehab right now? Has God taken away your money and your success? And no matter what you do, you can’t get it back?

Ahh…. you’re detoxing. Some of us can’t handle drugs. The more spiritually advanced you are or the more profound and deeper your character is as a human being, the less you can tolerate drugs.

God has taken you off the drugs and you’re not happy. Understood. I get it. Here’s your lesson.

Lesson #1: Why did God take you off the drugs?

“I’m an addict? Um…. I dunno. I dunno. I dunno.”

Because your ego was killing you, killing your family, killing your dog probably. Your ego was killing your life.

You say, “Oh no! My family needed the money. They loved driving Range Rovers. My wife left me after I lost the money. Money will restore all my broken relationships.”

Listen, listen, listen to your heart song. Your soul will never betray you. God will never forsake you.

Your family, your friends, your colleagues… were all addicted to your success and money. And you were not being loved. You were being worshipped. Wolf of Wall street You were their drug dealer and the moment you didn’t have any drugs left to provide for them, they left you… to go marry a rich new drug dealer or to find more drugs elsewhere.

Your success and money ruined them. You provided all those years, turned them into addicts and now they won’t talk to you. Because just like you, they need to get their fix.

Lesson #2:
You have more to offer people than (drugs) success and money. My goodness! You started and founded companies. There has to be something within you… through all that… part of your character which was forged in the fires of ambition, that survived. That’s the part of you that has something to offer the world. Not your accolades, awards or achievements… but you. Just you. Your presence, your personality, your perspective on life.

You have love to give, but you are withholding that because you want the Universe to pay you for it. You’re saying, “I’ll offer my help, service and know-how, God… if you make me CEO again. I’m not doling this out for free.”

The people who truly love you or are willing to love you, do not want your success and money. They just want you. They are the only people who can help you rebuild your success and money again. Because they are not addicts.

Lesson #3:
Start offering yourself to others. Offer your service. Offer your help. As a gift. Not in exchange for your drug of choice, money or success.

I bet you, you can’t do that. It goes against the grain of how you think. Because for you, everything has to be a give and take. If you don’t create an equal exchange, then you’ll be undervalued or worse– not taken seriously or invisible.

Listen listen listen to your heart song. You will never be forgotten. God will never forsake you. The birds of the air are taken care of by Mother Earth. Your soul is cared for by angels and by the force that holds the universe intact, unconditional Love.

Human love is based on survival. When you provide, others take from you. They let you live. When you don’t provide, they have to kill you in order to survive.

Your human love was killing you. You had gotten to the end of the rainbow and everyone there was just waiting for you to die so they could inherit your wealth. No one was waiting there to love you…. except Divinity.

Divinity is not going to give you back your drug of choice. Divinity is going to give you back, Itself.

Divine love doesn’t need you to survive. So it doesn’t care if you give or take. But if you give, God gives you back 10 fold. If you take, God will take from you the exact amount.

Your human heart could only hold human love. It was an addict’s heart which held an addicted love. And it produced an addiction to success and money in everyone around you.

You have to regrow a divine heart that can hold divine love, which produces a divine abundance in everyone around you.

You must throw away your old wineskins and put new wine into new wineskins. Your old life fueled by the temporary blaze of money and success burned itself out. It caused your heart to burst like an old wineskin.

I am suggesting you drink new wine. And to do that, you must offer your service, your help, your presence, your personality, your perspective without asking anything in return. Because you have love to give. You are love. And the moment you experience this on a consistent and daily basis, you will manifest your success and money again… but this time, without losing your soul.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.” — Jesus.



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