What’s the meaning behind your name? (Part 1)

What’s the meaning behind your name? (Part 1)

Do you know what your name means? Not the origins of your name or where your name comes from. But what it says about you and your specific life path. Watch this video, and I bet you— I can tell you some pretty profound and secretive stuff about you, just by your name alone.

I went out with some friends and this guy introduced himself. His name was Jordan. I said, “like the river?” He nodded. Then, he introduced his friend, “Hansa.” I said, “That is the Sanskrit word for swan.”

He was impressed so he asked me, “What does that mean?”

I said, “Usually we live out the opposite of our names. I’m named Vicky, after the word victorious so all my life, I’ve been a loser. Our name represents our destiny. So our karma or our destiny is to go from the lowest aspect of our name to our highest. That’s the soul’s learning curve. So now, I coach CEO’s… so I teach people how to be a winner. Which makes sense, because how do I know how to win? By losing. How do you know how to be strong? By being weak. How do you know how to be beautiful? By being ugly. You learn through its opposite.”

“So your first name is your life path. I’m Vicky which means Victorious, so my life path will be how to evolve from defeat to victory. If your name is Swan, let me guess… you’ve been an ugly duckling your whole life!”

He was so taken aback. He’s said, “Yes, it’s true.” I said, “What do you do now?” He said, “I’m an interior decorator. I redesign ugly spaces into beautiful swans.”

I turned to his friend and said, “You’re Jordan, so your dharma or what you’re responsible for completing in this life is to flow like a river. But let me guess. You are probably hard-headed, stubborn like a block of ice or block of cement.” He confirmed this and said, “Yes, but I own a restaurant so I have to learn how to deal with people and that means being more flexible. It’s been hard.”

I said, “It’s supposed to be hard. That’s the learning curve.”

So they asked me about his girlfriend, Alexandra. I said, “Her name begins with the letter A. People who’s names begin with the letter A are perfectionists. Plus, she has 3 letter A’s in her name. That means triple perfection. That can work against you. Because if you can’t be number 1, perfect— then you quit! You’re so afraid of not being the best, you don’t even try.”

“That’s funny,” they said. Because she won’t enter competitions unless she knows she will win. So she spends more time researching the other competitors to see if they are better than her, than she does preparing herself to beat them.

“What about Leslie?” they asked me. The other guy’s girlfriend. I said “Her name begins with the letter L. Love is love. But she has 2 L’s in her name, that’s double love. Too much love makes you jealous.” They smirked because apparently Leslie is a very jealous girlfriend.

So then they wanted to know about Raul. I said, “R is the sexy letter. A is perfection. U is shaped like a cup. So you can put water in a cup or you can put wine in a cup. It will hold any energy you put into it. L is love. So if you combine all the letters in your name, you can perceive your characteristics.” They laughed because he’s all those things.

Then they said, “What about Sam?” I said, “Sam is like Samson and it means strength. So you always live out the opposite of your name. So Sam has struggled with being weak her whole life— not physically weak, but emotionally. And that was Samson’s downfall in the Bible. He betrayed himself in a moment of intimacy.”

So they revealed that Sam had a string of hopeless relationships. I said, “Your name also reveals the meaning of your life. So Sam’s greatest fear is being abandoned. Your dharma or what you need to complete in your life is to face your greatest fear. So in order for her to overcome her fear of being abandoned… she is learning how to be part of a team. In order to live out the meaning of her name, strength— she needs to learn that a team is always stronger than an individual. So the true meaning of strength is being part of a team. That’s her life path. To learn how to build teams.”

They were stunned. Because Sam is a team builder. That’s what she does for a living.

I asked, “Is her name Sam or Samantha?” They said, “Samantha.” So again, that’s 3 A’s— triple perfection. I said, “Let me guess. She can’t go out of the house without perfect hair and makeup.” They shaked their heads. How did I know that? They said, “You’re absolutely right. She always looks great, but done up. Even to water the front lawn.”

I said, “She has a letter T in her name. She likes to dominate. Does she need to be in control?”

They said, “Yup.”

So T is dominant. Like Tina Turner. That’s a lot of woman and dominance in that name.

So your first name tells you the meaning of your life. The first letter of your name indicates your primary characteristic. For example, my name begins with the letter V, which looks like a spear. It breaks new ground. All V’s are going to be ground-breakers. And the letters that make up your name all have an individual meaning. And how they are positioned in your name also has a meaning.

Stay tuned for more videos where I’ll tell you more about the meaning of your name or if you comment and share this video, I’ll comment back to you. Thanks.



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