Your Money Angel

If money were a flesh and blood living person, how would he/she treat you? Is money a beautiful unattainable angel? A controlling boss who never lets you get away with anything? Or is money a playboy who squanders all your wealth?

Discover who your Money Demon is and turn him/her into your Money Angel:

  • Discover your inner money god / goddess
  • Reveal the rules by which you accept and reject prosperity
  • Turn your money demon into a money angel
  • Create a new relationship with your true abundance
  • Make personalized “money angel cards”

Money Demons and Angels:

“My money demon is a white tiger. I only get money when I am in trouble and wait around for God to rescue me. My money angels are Bill and Melinda Gates. Trouble is the fuel for both emotion and taking action—- which creates a momentum for others to support my abundance.”

“My money demon is an executive in a suit and tie. When I am not fulfilling my highest potential, I am invisible. My money angel is Mother Nature. The tiniest bacteria can cause wide-spread deadly harm. My unfulfilled potential is as powerful as who I am now.”

“My money demon is is my boss. I have no control over how much I money I make. It always depends on other people. My money angel is Oprah. I have the right to put my destiny into my own hands.”

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