Wealth Consciousness

Your money set-point is like your natural body weight. It always seems to hover around a specific number. Do you notice that your bank account does the same thing over time?  No matter how much money you earn or spend, the amount in your bank account always bounces back to the same money set-point!

Do you think that wealthy people have the same money set-point as poor people? Absolutely not. In this Success Group, you will raise your money set-point.

  • Build a map of your wealth consciousness
  • Discover what is blocking your abundance
  • Create a personalized money mantra
  • Understand your next steps

We went around the room, sharing about our last 5 relationships. I described all my past boyfriends as typically, short and sporadic. My mom who has had the same husband for 25 years said, steady and monogamous. In a crazy fit of laughter, we realized that our incomes correlated exactly to our men. I’ve had odd jobs over the years and my mother has worked for the same company without a raise for 25 years. Love was dictating our money set-point.” 

“My wealth consciousness was like a tornado, all or nothing. But now I prefer a peaceful storm, full of potential, richness and abundance— but held at bay until I can control the power within myself that dictates how this storm is going to unleash itself onto the world.” 

Wealth Consciousness




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