Roadmap to Happiness

What was last year like for you? Do you want to repeat your successes and romance? Do you want to build on the foundation you have set? Or do you want to forget about the mess you made and start all over again? In this Success Group, we are going to look at the past year as one of the most significant precursors for setting up this year as our milestone year— the year we finally “make it,” breakthrough to the next level, make money or meet our mate. How can we take everything that we learned and lived in the past year, see it from our higher self’s perspective and realize that we have the perfect launching pad for what’s next? At this Success Group, you will build the vision map of your upcoming year!

Part 1: Map out your previous year.

Part 2: Map out your current/ upcoming year, along with next steps.

Before, my life path was a slow and steady climb. Theoretically, if I kept shedding myself of dead weight, I could eventually reach the top. That’s a lot of hard work. Instead, I now choose my life path to be a strong current in the river of my life— uncontrollably sweeping me towards abundance.” 

“Before, my career was an audubon speedway. I never stopped racing to get to the next exit. I went so fast, I always forgot where I was. Now, my whole life is a country road where I amble and find my own way. It takes me home, where I belong.” 

“Before, my life was a smooth paved highway. Consistency was key to making progress. I was always asking, ‘Are we there, yet?’ Now, my life is a swift adventure full of exciting destinations. My question now is, ‘Where do I want to go?’ ”  

Roadmap to happiness




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