Attracting Your Ideal Mate

How do you attract your ideal mate? What kind of person do you need to become or be, in order for him/her to notice you, relate to you and love you? As soon as you start to vibrate an exact match to your perfect mate, it magnetically sends out a GPS love signal into the universe to your ideal mate— pointing straight back at you. “Hey! I’m the one you’ve been searching for.” Your GPS love signal… sifts through all the losers to find your “true love” match.

What to expect:

Part 1: Discover what GPS signal your ideal mate is sending out into the world. Where, when and with who is he/she searching for his/her true love?

Part 2: Change your GPS signal to become a perfect match to your ideal mate. Build next steps to attract, meet and connect with him/her.

Once upon a time…

“…. I dreamed of Prince Charming. But in order to for me to be his reality, I can’t bow down. I have to walk next to him, side by side.”

“…. I wished for the whole package. In order to attract a man at the pinnacle of his life, I have to be poised and ready to fly.”

“…. I wished for a motivated and ambitious leader. In order to attract a man who leads, I have to be an inspiration.”

“…. I wished for Michelangelo’s David. I wanted a man to be clay, where I could mold him to be anything I wanted him to be. But in order to him to be clay, I must be a sculptor with precise vision. My next step is to stop changing my mind!”

“…. I wished for the perfect husband— tall, dark and handsome. But in order for him to want me, I have to be the perfect wife— always one step ahead of him. My next step is to improve!”




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