Money Radio

Tony Robbins once said that if your golf swing is off by 1 millimeter, the golf ball will either land in the swamp or on the putting green. Similarly, if the distance between a woman’s upper lip and her nose is off by 1 millimeter, world-class plastic surgeons consider her either a beauty queen or butt ugly. Abraham Hicks says that if your radio dial is off by one tenth, you can’t tune into the radio station of your abundance.

Your feelings about money are the money signals you are sending out into the universe. In a sense, it is what you are broadcasting over the airwaves of your money radio. In this Success Group, we are going to fine-tune your money radio dial so that its matches the tune of your abundance, exactly!

  • Discover the name of your money radio station.
  • What are your money songs?
  • How can you turn your money radio ON or OFF?

“My money radio station is Billionaire XFM. I’m tired of broadcasting all my wisdom, insight and secrets. No billionaires are listening. Focusing on my talent causes me to be alone. Focusing on creating opportunities for partnership causes me to be rich!” 

“My money talk radio is called, ‘Pay attention, first-time millionaires!’ I want to win the lotto, the no-strings-attached kind of money with ZERO conditions on receiving it. Meanwhile, my radio station is about warning people of the 3,000 conditions necessary to keep your lotto winnings. In my new money frequency, I can learn the lessons of abundance as I go. Just like love, I know that if I follow my heart, I always get to keep my money.” 




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