Allowing Game

Inside your mind, you have many different “psychic spaces” where you go to create new life experiences. Some people like to call this your creative workshop. They look like rooms inside of a house. Each one is dedicated to a specific area of your life. For example, you might have a library where you go to think. Or a soft, warm, red velvet bedroom where you go to dream about a future romances.

Find out what your creative workshops look like inside of your mind. Then, measure how much abundance you are allowing into each area of your life. Learn how to improve what you are attracting into each room!

Part 1: Map out the most important creative workshop in your mind.

Part 2: Map out the other creative workshops in your mind.

Before I was letting too many people and animals into my creative workshop for my body. I have been ill for many years. When I drew my new space for my health, I put bodyguards near the windows and an alarm system in to keep out intruders from plundering my immune system. When I realized I actually have control over who can come into my life— I felt immense relief and stopped blaming the people in my life for making me sick.” 

“My creative workshop for love was completely closed off and V.I.P.— I was letting no one in there. No wonder I never have a boyfriend! Plus, it’s only open for visitors once every other leap year. Well, we changed that. Now, it’s open at least Friday through Sunday, all weekend long.”




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