Superhero Exercise

This Success Group is going to put you at the top of your game! Discover your unique talent, gift or passion and how you exercise it in extreme crisis situations in your life, career, job or business. Then, you will map out how you are going to transfer this superhero skill to getting a better job, succeeding at your current career, building your business or overcoming a life challenge. By the time we finish, you will not be your same old self anymore. You will be the hero of your own life story.

Part 1: Chart your superpowers!

Part 2: Discover your role as a superhero. Learn how to step into that role.

“Before, I had Robin Hood syndrome. I got paid by my wealthy clients so that I could afford to work pro-bono for my poor clients. My ‘aha’ is that the purpose of my talent is not to help people— it is to support those who are already on their way up! From now on, I am not part of someone’s problems. I am part of the budding solution of someone who is increasing their already existing abundance.”

“Before, I held onto regrets about dreams that I never fulfilled. But now I realize that I had to let go of the weaker dreams, so that the stronger dreams could survive.” 




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