Love Banker

Each of us was born with a personal prosperity trust fund, located in Heaven. The amount of money in this fund is unlimited. In fact, you can make withdrawals from this fund for any amount, at any time. But here’s the trick!

You have to get a “happiness” withdrawal slip approved by the Heavenly Love Banker, in order for that money to manifest in your reality. In this Success Group, we are going to learn which withdrawals are allowed or rejected. Then, we are going fill out our withdrawal slips so that they justify why that money is an expression of your true happiness!

“I’ve been trying for years to move to a better neighborhood. But I keep telling myself that I’m going crazy in the place where I live now. The Love Banker would only give me money for a SANE peaceful home, not so that I could be crazy in a bigger better house.” 

“I asked the Love Banker for enough money to buy a new car. But the car I was going to buy was a reliable, safe vehicle for my girlfriend. The Love Banker could not approve my withdrawal because I use money to reward others, not myself. However, he did approve a withdrawal for a fast race car that is just a toy, just for fun, just for me!”

“I asked the Love Banker for tuition money to learn from spiritual gurus. But he said that the ultimate enlightenment was inside of myself. Instead, I was approved for a withdrawal where I begin to set the intention for my own life, not let so-called teachers do that for me.” 





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