I highly recommend and trust her

With over 35 years in her field as an animal communicator, Samantha Khury has been featured on numerous television shows such as “Turning Point” with Diane Sawyer, various programs on the Discovery Channel, “Sightings”, “P.M. Magazine”, Regis Philbin’s Morning Show”, and “The Phil Donahue Show”. Her documentary, “I Talk to Animals, A Portrait of Samantha Khury” has been shown on PBS, BBC, as well as other European stations.


“I met Vicky Lee briefly in Brazil two years prior to a dinner conversation I had with her upon her return to the United States. This conversation changed the course of my life. I knew I was supposed to write about animal communication, but found it to be an arduous task that I had struggled with for ten years. Because of my frustration, I had been paying for help.

This is where that extraordinary dinner conversation comes in. Right in the middle of our dinner, Vicky put her fork down, looked straight into my eyes and said, “I know why you are not getting your book done. First of all, you’re visually oriented. You need to see where you’re going and what to do next. There are six books, Samantha, not one— you’re trying to put all that information into one book. You need a visual map showing the lay out and content of each book.”

Her clarity regarding my ability to communicate with animals, my dyslexia and what I would be bringing to the public was awesome. She saw very clearly what I needed to do in order to accomplish my dream. That weekend we embarked on a psychic journey doing vision boards which mapped out each step. We created a vision board for three different stages of my life. We also drew charts that lined out obstacles.

Her intuitive skills bring with it tangible methods which helped me move the emotional blocks around my writing, as well as my personal growth regarding my marriage. I highly recommend and trust her spiritual clarity regarding each interval of my life and possible future prospects, which gives her an edge over a life coach.”



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