How to Manifest $1 Million from Your Vision Board

Do you want to build a vision board to manifest $1 million? I’m going to show you how in this video. But more importantly, I’m going to show you how to keep it. We’ve all know  people who have made their fortunes and then lost it. Maybe that even happened to you? Once a upon a time, you were making tons of money and then you got a divorce, or made a bad investment, or had lawsuit or a dishonest business partner. So today, I’m going to show you how to keep what you manifest from your vision board.

Let’s say you want to build a vision board for $1 million. How would you start? Because most people would do what they saw on the Secret and paste pictures of a Ferrari, a mansion and money onto a poster board.

I believe you can manifest your $1 million by doing this, but I don’t believe you can keep it. I have proof! I’ve had hundreds of clients who have done it. The reason is because what you want or what you initially think you want, won’t necessarily give you what you need, are searching for or desire on a deeper, maybe even unconscious level.

When money doesn’t fulfill you, you find ways to lose it by spending it, getting conned out of it or falling on hard times. So in order for your wealth to fulfill you, you have to do 4 things. First, I want you to write down how much money you want. That amount of money represents what you want on a physical level. ($1 million)

Second, how will that money make you feel?  (free)

  • It might make you feel free, because you are not a slave to your job or your bills anymore. For example, you’re never going to a restaurant again and order your dinner based on price, instead of what you feel like eating.
  • Freedom is what your wealth represents on an emotional level.

Third, “How much money do you believe that you deserve or that you are worth?”

  • You might answer, “Even though I want $1 million dollars, my industry’s in a lull, if I do well this year, I can probably make $100,000.”
  • That’s what your wealth represents on a mental level— $100K

Fourth, “What is your soul learning through the journey of becoming wealthy?”

  • Your answer might be, “I always knew that my life purpose was to one day teach underprivileged kids how to be successful.”
  • That’s what your wealth represents on a spiritual level– teaching success.

Here is the key: Will the universe give you an opportunity to earn, have or receive $1 million? Even if it gives you $1 million on the physical level and allows you to have the Ferrari, the lyposuction, the great beachfront condo—- if you still feel like a slave to your things, on an emotional level— or you don’t feel like you deserve to be paid $1 million salary when you’re only doing a $100,000 job, or you aren’t using your wealth to teach underprivileged youth how to be successful— then you’re not going to be fulfilled by your wealth. You might have the Ferrari but you won’t feel free. You won’t feel like driving it to the grocery store because everyone’s staring at your trophy car, not at you. And you won’t be living a meaningful life.

When I have clients like this, they self-sabotage their success— because they claim that it doesn’t fulfill them. But the truth is, they allowed themselves to fall out of love with their success, they became jaded. And that’s how you lose your mojo, your passion for life. By not allowing your success to fulfill you, not just physically— but emotionally, mentally and spiritually, as well. The reason why I take the conventional way of building a vision board many steps further is because your ego might be satisfied with just $1million, but I guarantee you that the rest of you won’t be.

I want you to have your million dollars, but I know how you can also get it, keep it and then be fulfilled by it— so that $1million isn’t your end game, it’s just your beginning!

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