Oprah’s “insider secret” about Vision Boards

You’ve all seen vision boards on Oprah and The Secret which display everything you want to come true. Some people call it a dream board. You might have one on your refrigerator or your office wall, right now. This is super-awesome to help you visualize your goals, but it doesn’t help you reach your goals. That key missing piece is what I am going to show you today.

Let’s say your dream is to find love and get married. So you create a vision board with pictures of wedding gowns, romantic trips, a big house with a wraparound porch and waking up next to this amazing person. Boom! So there you have it, your vision board! Now….

Every day when you go to work, sitting in your cubicle— you look at this vision board and dream about being on that romantic cruise. When you go to bed at night, you pet your dog and wish that he was really your husband or your wife— the one you put on your vision board.

You can wish, wish, wish and dream all you want…. but that vision board isn’t helping you meet Mr. Right. All it’s doing is making you WISH harder. Unlike Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, you can’t wish yourself out of your current reality. No matter how hard you wish…. you’re here…. and you’re still…. not there.

  • The vision boards you saw on Oprah and the Secret helps you visualize what you want.
  • The vision maps which I’ve developed helps you get what you want.
  • When we coach together, I am to show you how to go from being a WISHER to a GETTER.

The very first step, is we are going to do the exact OPPOSITE of pasting pictures of what you DON’T have onto a poster board. Instead, we are going to start with what you DO have.

Step 1:Where are you now? 

Step 2: Where do you want to be?

  • Here you are! (single)
  • Here is where you want to go! (married)

Step 3: How do you want to get there? Do you want to meet Mr. Right by:

  • accident? Just bump into him like strangers in the night?
  • Online dating,?
  • Being introduced by a mutual friend?
  • Going to a cougar bar in Beverly Hills and waving cash around until a hot young sugar baby takes notice?

Whichever route you take to your goal, it’s going to affect your journey. For example, if you meet your future mate by accident— there’s a certain serendipity, a magic to the moment, a trust in the Universe that this was meant to be. But if you meet your future mate through online dating, it might feel like a numbers game, sifting through thousands of potentials and then narrowing it down to just the top 3. Math. If you were introduced by a mutual friend, now you risk losing your circle of friends if things don’t work out. Accountability. If you go to a cougar bar or travel to Russia or Thailand to meet young hopefuls trying to marry into a better life, lovers are plentiful and EASY, so why settle down with just one? Too easy.

Step 4: What do you want to experience from your abundance?

Depending on which route you decide to take, your experience of love is going to be radically different. For example:

  • the lessons that you learn along the way:
    • If you met your mate by accident, you learn that love is serendipity
    • If you met your mate by online dating, you learn that love is math.
    • If you met your mate through friends, you learn that love means accountability.
    • If you met your mate in a cougar bay, you learn that love is TOO EASY.
  • And the people that you meet are going to be different. The person that you marry could be a stranger, serial dater, friend or gold-digger.
    • serendipity = strangers
    • math = serial daters
    • accountability = friends
    • too easy =  gold-diggers
  • Plus, you might run into opportunities that offer you more than what you originally wanted

The entire time you are getting to the altar, you are changing your perception of marriage. By the time you end up getting married, it might turn out better than you thought  or it could be worse than you imagined .

It’s not the fairy tale wedding on your vision board that is going to make all your dreams come true. It’s what you’re doing, how you’re feeling, what your new beliefs are and who you are being that determines if what’s on your vision board is going to make you happy or not.

When you and I coach together, we’re not going to focus on your end goal, because as you just saw, that changes. We are going to focus on your journey, because as you just saw—- that’s what determines your abundance.

Do you want more than just a snapshot of your success? Do you want a map of how to get there? Then, join one of my Success Groups or email me to schedule a free success strategy session. And then we’ll being co-creating the best journey of your life.



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