How to get years of work done in less than 8 hours with a vision board

Have you had success in the past? Maybe you’re still successful, but it’s a lot of work and your success doesn’t maintain itself. Do you feel like you’re starting over again at age 40 or 50, trying to make a comeback?

Well, I have many many clients like you who have wasted years of their life going for the wrong thing. The wrong marriage, the wrong career path or the wrong lifestyle.

Now, you’re smarter and wiser. If you had to do it all over again, don’t you wish you had a cheat-sheet? Don’t you wish someone sat you down and showed you exactly what to expect, how to deal with it, which one of your friends was going to support and which one of your co-workers was going to sabotage you?

That’s what a vision map does. A vision map is a unique methodology that I developed which shows you:

  • where you are right now
  • where you want to be
  • and the journey getting there

That journey includes:

  • How you feel
  • Obstacles in your way
  • People who support you
  • important life lessons

By the time we are done mapping this out— this end picture might look or feel different than what you originally thought it was going to look like or feel like. Or… the journey getting there is going to turn out different than what you thought. (circle the journey)

For example, have you ever started a business with the thought that you were going to make tons of money? And you found out that it actually takes years of hard work? Or you got pregnant and you honestly thought that you were going to give birth to this beautiful angel. But then…. you kid turns into, you know… a teenager…

The key to being successful is having all the right answers before you begin your journey or at least knowing what to expect so that you can plan ahead.

When I coached an IT company, they said that what it takes an entire research and development department to do in 6-8 months, I was able to take the CEO through in about 8 hours. When I coached a Crossfit gym, I was able to take them from losing money for 18 months straight while they had a phd doing their marketing for them—- and in 90 days with no marketing, they had tripled their customer base and were profitable.

So I know that I can help you build your cheat-sheet to success and get you the results you need. If you’re about to embark on a new business venture or a new phase of your life, please call me for a free strategy success session. Your company can save tens of thousands of dollars and years of wasted effort, just by talking to me for a few minutes. I look forward to hearing from you.



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