Now, I’m on the path to acceptance as opposed to resistance.

“Being a fairly newcomer to California and starting all over in my fifties in a tough  economy  has been a very frustrating situation especially  after having  a good career my entire life in New York. Vicky Lee took me through a specific process that created much self awareness and self discovery.  One thing that she made me aware of was my resistance. With the challenges that I was facing here, resistance was building up.  Resistance would not lead to success.  This was an aha moment and crucial for me to be aware of. Also with a diverse background and career , I was trying several things. Vicky strongly urged me to “climb one hill”. Vicky also helped me to choose “the hill” that I would climb.        
 In addition to Vicky’s knowledge and life experience, there is very strong intuition.  So I am now on the path to acceptance as opposed to resistance and I am climbing one hill.”



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