Barbara Carey

“Vicky Lee is absolutely amazing on so many different levels. She is extremely intuitive, highly skilled at pinpointing the issue, very humorous and allows you to feel completely at ease when discussing personal problems.
Whether it is with a 15 year old teenager or a middle aged mom, she has a gift to have instant rapport  with anyone.

You walk away from a session with her feeling uplifted and empowered knowing that the answers you had been looking for are now answered.”

Barbara Carey, C.Ht, MA, PhD


Barbara Jean Carey has been seen on The Learning Channel, KTLA, Channel 9 news, Bravo, Discovery and The History Channel. Her web TV show called THE CONFIDENT MIND on generated many loyal viewers. Barbara has been interviewed on Radio Stations such as BlogTalk Radio. She writes inspirational articles to enrich the lives of orhers for the Malibu Patch online newspaper. She has been helping people overcome their problems for many years. Barbara has worked with celebrities, doctors, writers, producers,CEO’s, and medical professionals to help them move forward into their desires.

She decided to become a Certified Hypnotherapist, graduated at the top of her class with honors, won several of HMI’s prestigious awards and had a private practice in Malibu by the time she graduated. With her unique talent as a Hypnotherapist, she achieves outstanding results with her clients immediately.

Barbara works with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Guided Imagery, Handwriting Analysis, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy, Past-Life Regression (PLR), Huna, and Reiki to further her clients into success. She has an amazing ability to build instant rapport with her clients to help them achieve their goals.

Barbara’s vision is to make sure that her clients lead the life they deserve of health, wealth, happiness, success and love. Barbara is constantly reminding others, “Watch every thought that you think, they are writing your story in permanent ink.”

She knows that all you have to do to change everything in your life is to think differently. Barbara has the genuine ability to work with the subconscious mind to change negatives into positives. That is her passion.



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