5 letters

(Part 2) The Meaning Behind the Letters of Your Name

Introduction: What do the letters of your name mean? Does it matter how you spell your name? People whose names begin with the letter A are planned perfectionists who plot out prim, proper details. While people whose names begin with the letter Z are the exact opposite. They are creative and wildly chaotic like a […]

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4 demon

How do people get possessed by demons?

Introduction: How the heck do people turn evil overnight? How do they become bipolar all of a sudden? Ever have someone freak out on you? They were a sweetheart for 6 months or a year while you were dating, but as soon as you got married—- they become Satan? They don’t even know how they […]

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3 andrea

Is your mother a soul sucker?

Introduction: How do you relate to someone who creeps you out? A soul sucker is someone who drains you financially, emotionally, spiritually and mentally! What if your own mother is a soul sucker? Can you ever have a normal relationship with her? And why did God put you on Earth with a mother who sucks […]

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Are you constantly being attacked for no reason?

Introduction: Are you constantly under attack? And you did nothing to deserve being attacked? Why is the world attacking you and not letting you live a happy, healthy life? Watch this video to see how and why this happened to a clean-cut, educated, white-collar professional from Kentucky, named Brian. Are you constantly being attacked for […]

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