How to make a powerful prayer journal

When you do a free Success strategy session with me, I will ask you, “If you had any question to ask the Universe or God, what would it be?” As soon as you ask that…. the answer comes. It comes to my mind, first. And then, I’ll hear you speaking things you’re just now realizing. You […]

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Is the perfect avatar and guru for you– a dog?

Introduction: Do you appreciate the steady income of your 9 to 5 job, but you long to do something more creative? Do you love your freedom, but you want financial stability? If you want something which is the complete opposite of what you have now—- you have to get an avatar! In this video, the […]

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How to do Oneness Meditation

Have you hit a glass ceiling in your life? 90% of your life is great. You have a good home, a good family… but maybe your marriage is a little lifeless or your business isn’t exciting anymore. It’s that last 10% that starting to gnaw at you? Most people will start to obsess over that […]

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Success is Suicidal

In this video I’m going to answer 2 questions: Why are success and money are so hard to attain? Why do some people get lucky breaks, while more talented individuals do not? Question #1: Why is success and money so hard to attain? The question lies in what you want and what you fear. Some […]

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Are You a Money and Success Addict?

Were you once a hot-shot CEO or a rock star sales rep? Are you trying to get back to the top of your game? Watch this video which explains how you’re going to make a come-back. Success and money are like a drug for the ego. The ego gets addicted to it. So when you […]

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