Are You a Money and Success Addict?

Were you once a hot-shot CEO or a rock star sales rep? Are you trying to get back to the top of your game? Watch this video which explains how you’re going to make a come-back. Success and money are like a drug for the ego. The ego gets addicted to it. So when you […]

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God is my “Plus-One”

It rained this morning, which confused me. I sat in my room listening to it outside my window and could not figure out how to get to the gym on my bicycle in the rain. For ninety minutes, I did nothing. Having missed the W.O.D. (workout of the day) scheduled for 7:30 am, I created […]

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My best day 4

Harvard’s Memorial Church: My Best Day Ever

Today was my best day ever at Harvard. I have been here three weeks and set my first milestone. There is a professor whom I and many others consider the poster child of everything that Harvard and its Divinity School represent in terms of embodying holier-than-thou standards of intellect, ethics and eloquence. Last week, I […]

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Seal Legs photo

First Week of Classes at Harvard: Holding God’s Heart

This ritzy lounge with oak paneled walls and a fireplace is at Harvard Law School where I’m studying. It’s empty at 6 am, Saturday morning. When I walked in here, I knelt and thanked God. I felt such privilege. I heard God saying to me, “Although there are many here now—not long ago, there were no […]

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